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What is Raskils

Raskils is a social network that promotes athletes, brands, and people with a pulse.
Our online photo competitions give athletes exposure and allow brands to engage with, and give back to the people that use their products. But if you ask us there is a lot more to it than that… read on..

The action sports community creates and distributes the best social media content, hands down. The problem is that none of the popular platforms were designed for athletes or their sponsors and a lot of time and effort goes into creating and running these amazing accounts with little to show for it. As a result, companies end up spending a lot of money outside the industry to sell their products and much less on sponsorships and events.

We are changing that. Our platform was designed to promote athletes and brands without pumping money out of the industry. Our goal is to save companies time and money on advertising while giving the world a more exciting platform on which to connect. We want more events, bigger teams, and an entirely new level of sponsorship that is more effective than any advertising you’ll find today.

Raskils is not just an app, it’s a movement to take back an industry we created and protect the culture that keeps it real.

Will it work? Yes. All we need is YOU.


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